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Happy Faces

IT IS EARLY APRIL and the first greenhouse plants I purchased this spring were pansies.

They have those happy faces that announce warmer weather is coming and seem to send a message to hang in there for a couple more weeks. They beckoned me to prepare the first planters in the new gardening season so they can be part of the celebration.

Their genetic traits allow them to make it through cold nights. So, if the temperatures stay above 27 degrees, they usually show no damage. My new ten-day forecast has overnight lows in the 40s and 30s, so things are looking quite promising. I will plant the pots at the clubhouse at Pinecroft Golf Course.

The course will be opening Friday, April 14th for the 2023 season. Hooray!

I’ve expressed for years that Pinecroft GC offers a wonderful “up-north” experience – a golf course nicely shaped and created from its underlying hilly terrain. Enjoy the experience, enjoy the views, and enjoy the pansies as they welcome you to play a round of golf.

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