North Country

AS THE EARLY NOVEMBER SNOWFLAKES fill the air it reminds me of my fondness for log fires and little cozy spots along the M22 Lakeshore Trail.

I’m preparing for the winter season by checking out my cold weather gear stored in my large woven reed basket in my basement. I think I can get another season from my not so stylish outerwear. Gray, red and hunter orange colors dominate my choices. The assorted collection makes me smile, knowing I am up north for another season. It brings back thoughts of being outdoors and wearing these gloves, scarves and knitted hats to protect me from the elements – a necessity if one chooses to be part of NW Michigan year-round. And, I certainly do.

One of my favorite cozy spots in the winter when I’m fully decked out in my garb is sitting at the corner of the bar at North Country in Suttons Bay. A mere ten feet from my stool is a real wood fire. I’m so excited to head back this month for a late fall toddy. The happy locals and friendly bartender make you feel part of the greater community of Leelanau. The warm feeling that comes over you, part fire, part Manhattan, tells me there just isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be.

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