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North Country Grill and Pub

NANCY AND I DROVE TO SUTTONS BAY over the weekend not realizing the Village was having their late winter Yeti festival. Not to fret as high winds and cold chili only reinforced our well-thought-out plans of having a couple of toddies at North Country’s cozy bar – truly a perennial favorite of ours.

The atmosphere is so quaint and rustic. The regulars add a depth of character that cannot be overlooked and certainly add to the warmth of the M-22 Lakeshore Trail experience. How fun.

Everybody has their favorite spots at the bar. We lucked out and got two seats right in front of the REAL WOOD fireplace which frankly is my favorite fireplace in the greater Traverse City region. The draw from the flue is so good you can wear your clothes again without washing them. Ha.

Old Fashion’s and mulled spiced wine were featured and we so enjoyed our hour stop at North Country Grill & Pub.

This photo has the proprietor, Karen Boone, tending to her little creation. We are so happy that she knows hospitality’s little touches!

Thank you.

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