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From exploring the Great Lakes to playing golf to going canoeing or kayaking, there’s no shortage of springtime activities in Michigan. If you look forward to exploring the woods, hiking, and getting in touch with nature, morel mushroom hunting in Michigan is one of the best springtime activities.

There are more than 2,000 kinds of wild mushrooms in the Mitten State, and morels are among the safest. Of course, morels require just the right mix of moisture and temperature to grow. But with the right conditions, the month of May is prime morel mushroom foraging season. If you can find morel spots, you can go back to them year after year. If you’re a novice hunter, you may find the seasoned Michigan morel hunters may be a little reluctant to divulge their go-to mushroom spots!

Morels come in shades of gray, black, and yellow. They’re most often distinguished by their long caps which look like honeycombs.

Morel mushrooms usually stand between 1 inch and 4 inches tall and are about 1 inch to 2 inches around. When you find them, be sure to pinch off the stem at ground level so that the “roots” remain intact for regrowth.


Usually, morel mushrooms are found in wooded areas, especially around dying or dead trees. But, some morel hunters report finding them in fields, landscaping mulch in busy metro areas, and old orchards. Try walking slowly, and searching diligently.

Morels can be found in every one of Michigan’s 83 counties. The morel season can start as early as mid-April in South Michigan and last until mid-June in the Upper Peninsula. The weather has a huge impact on when the mushrooms grow. They require daytime temperatures of at least 50 degrees and nighttime temperatures of at least 40 degrees. They prefer dampness, so search for them a few days after a warm spring shower.


When hunting for morels in Michigan forests, it’s important to note that while May is Morel Month in Michigan, the actual fruiting period is from late April until mid-June, depending on the location and species.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources wants to help you find morels. Plus, organizations like the Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club are willing to share their knowledge with beginners.The best advice, though, is to look anywhere and everywhere. You may find morels at your favorite state park, along your fence, or around cleared logging areas. The more you look, the better your chances are of finding morels. Once you find a spot, keep it to yourself and check back every year.


 Moral Mushroom Hunting Tips & Tricks


Morel mushroom hunting in Michigan can be a great way to spend a day or even a weekend. But it’s important to dress appropriately, know what to look for, and be aware of your surroundings. To that end, here are some helpful morel hunting tips:

  • Don’t trespass. There’s plenty of public land that you can search on, so avoid private property.

  •  If you’re walking in the woods, boots are a must-have.

  • Carry a compass or GPS. It can be helpful in unfamiliar areas.

  • Know what to look for. False morels do exist, so get a wild mushroom identification book before you go hunting.

  • Pick morels correctly. Be sure to cut or pinch the stem at ground level.

  • Watch out for ticks. You’re looking for morels, but you don’t want to take home uninvited guests.




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explore the manitou islands
in sleeping bear dunes
national lakeshore


The Manitou Islands in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore are perched off the coast of Leelanau County. With their miles of undeveloped shoreline, towering dunes and thick forests, the Manitou Islands in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore are an absolute must for any Northern Michigan vacation. The Manitou Island Transit Co. ferries passengers to both islands from Leland with twice-a-day runs to South Manitou and once-a-day runs to North Manitou. Which means, of course, that if you’re looking to do an island in a day, purchase your ticket for South Manitou. Under ideal conditions, the ferry ride from Leland to either North or South Manitou Island takes about 90 minutes; upper-deck or below-deck seating is available on the ferry, which can accommodate several dozen travelers. The ferries depart from Leland near Fishtown, a historic fishing district featuring dozens of 19th-century fishing shanties that now house small boutiques, galleries and shops. Day trips to South Manitou take about 7 hours total, so taking a packed lunch from Fishtown’s favorite sandwich shop, The Village Cheese Shanty, is an easy way to get a true taste of Fishtown while on the shores of a Manitou Island. For more information about ferries and to make reservations (which is highly recommended) contact Manitou Transit at or call 231.256.9061



A free 10-panel map of the Sleeping Bear Dunes and Leelanau County including popular attractions in the national park, things to see and do, restaurants, shops, museums, and wineries. Includes five popular driving tours.



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