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Friendly Skies

TRAVERSE CITY’S CHERRY CAPITAL AIRPORT appears to have a bright future with its desire to be the airport of choice for travelers from all over the US serving northern Michigan.

Direct flights from thirteen hubs in the US are becoming popular augmenting what was once the realm of “short hops” from Detroit and Chicago. Visitors and residents in Northwest Michigan are making Cherry Capital Airport their number-one choice for air travel.

The beautifully appointed terminal is almost twenty years old (2024) and surveys and studies show a master plan that may morph the main terminal into 2 to 3 times its current footprint over the next decade.

We’ve experienced more and more guests at our Lake Bluff Preserve who come through the airport to enjoy their vacation and family get-togethers.

We enjoy the partnership in offering our hospitality experience to a larger and larger audience.

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