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A New Season

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

I’VE PLEDGED TO IMPROVE MY FLEXIBILITY in my shoulders especially for the up-and-coming golf season. It seems like a reasonable thing to do.

It will be my winter and spring focus for 2023 - to improve my conditioning and then work at it year-round. Losing twenty pounds along the way would also be a nice thing to do. I’ll have to factor that into my plans as I record this activity in my daily healthful journal.

My expressed interest to my physician generated a prescription for a couple months of physical therapy. We collectively decided to go this route rather than cortisone injections in my shoulders that we've done the last few years with limited success.

In my nearly seventy-four years, I have only done physical therapy one other time after I broke a bone in my foot as a teenager which landed me in a walking cast for six weeks. The cast lasted about half that period as I was a very active thirteen-year-old and the plaster basically disintegrated while on my paper route and as I played golf. Moisture and plaster don’t mix well - another lesson I've learned in life.

Shoulder and joint pain can be very detrimental during the golf swing. My buddy, Gene, and I, last year decided we would give the senior tees a try recognizing our diminishing length especially off the tee box. His particular issue was mostly attributed to a coronary by-pass in early spring which limited his range of motion. What a pair we were. Lots of laughs. Thank goodness for lots of beer in our cooler and summer weather loosening up our muscles.

Our short game really came alive especially with the power of positive thinking and out of necessity. That, and our being thankful that we had another day to enjoy life and the golf courses that abound up and down M-22

So, if I can stick to a routine of varied stretches I expect that I will:

1. Hit my drives 20 yards further.

2. Not wince when I take a divot.

3. Drive my cart better.

4. Win 1-up on every nine we play.

Here's to my exercising. Spring is coming soon. Can't wait to see Gene's face with my new length off the tee.

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