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Arcadia Bluffs

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

IN ITS TWENTY YEARS, ARCADIA BLUFFS has received thousands of accolades from golfers world wide. It is quite a tribute to the impressive development that was the dream of Rich Postma, its owner.

He steadfastly believed that a world class golf course off the beaten path in NW Michigan could draw the customers. A five-star clubhouse and luxury guest accommodations also became his charge which he successfully delivered.

Arcadia Bluffs is laid-out on perched sand dunes and offers spectacular views of Lake Michigan. The sunsets are unmatched. If the price per round is a bit of a strain, minimally visit the clubhouse and have a drink and watch the golfers coming up the eighteenth fairway. It is a site that should encourage you to save your dollars and come back and play the course during your next visit.

Postma has delivered a near masterpiece. The Bluffs course is one of the flagship properties along the M-22 Golf Trail. It also readily accessible with advanced bookings.

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