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Birds and Squirrels

MY GOAL OF ATTRACTING songbirds to my garden feeder has been usurped by three pesky squirrels that were able to shimmy up my greased 1/2" diameter wire-form hanger where they park at my tubular birdfeeder for hours on end. And being upside down doesn’t seem to bother them, whatsoever. The canola oil on the rod is ineffective. Their presence and persistence thwart species of birds that I particularly enjoy -- namely titmice, chickadees, and nuthatches.

This week I investigated a Crossman BB handgun on the shelf at Tractor Supply deciding after considerable contemplation that it was a better fit for a twelve-year-old as it just didn't jibe with my purported wildlife fondness.

So, I was the one who had to regroup, not the squirrels. My solution involved a couple of avenues to quiet the challenge that had been thrown my way.

First, I discovered that the squirrels will soon be sleeping or certainly will be less active. This article suggests the little critters will be hibernating or moving to winter rest.

Secondly, I was advised that a bird’s food supply is naturally plentiful this time of year and feeding them is ill-advised. Additionally, I was told that the DNR is suggesting birdfeeders in one’s yard is a bad idea as they attract black bears. Yikes, more advice that I question if we are on the same planet. Hello?

Wouldn't that be awesome if a black bear showed up at my feeder? Maybe I should put out some honeycomb and add a second feeder.

That would be so cool to tell my grandchildren about the day I wrestled a black bear to the ground.

Let’s hope he’s just a little one.


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