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Dad and Golf

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

DAD TAUGHT ME SO MUCH about the game of golf. Where do I begin? Athletic skill was important, no question. But more important was the positive mental attitude that a player must develop to play the game well.

Dad was brilliant at manifesting this essential trait. He believed that you were never out of a hole and he demonstrated this by making miraculous putts, or sand saving shots many more times than not. He was my hero, and some of his character rubbed off.

He had a quiet demeanor on the golf course, quite becoming of a doctor. He was such a solid player of the game. He also had this infectious smile he wore when making these amazing shots, quite pleased with his performance and the outcomes, just not too pleased. He loved the gamesmanship that golf offered. Match play was his favorite game on the links. But the greatest lesson he imparted was recovering from a bad shot. He was always in the game. He believed in the power to overcome adversity, and it applies to life.

Even with Dad’s last rounds on planet Earth, when he had trouble even walking, he would produce remarkable shots forever smiling. He was a gem and a master. Thoughts of him striding along the verdant turf with a golf club in hand makes me smile.

He is my forever hero.

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