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Five Shores Brewery

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

THE VILLAGE OF BEULAH has become the home to two downstate entrepreneurs that dreamed of making craft beer in northern Michigan. In 2019, they found the perfect sleepy village that also happened to have a vacant building for sale. They rolled up their sleeves and transformed a defunct Oldsmobile dealership's large showroom and garage into a fun and dynamic space that now features their many artisan brews and delicious food.

Matt Demorest and Oliver Roberts are watching with glee as customers fill the once vacant Quonset building. The right angle-shaped bar has been packed wall to wall on weekends in the dead of winter. This is pretty awesome and all indications point that they are off to a pretty darn good start. Congratulations to Matt and Oliver for being true business stewards making downtown Beulah jump and come alive with their launch of Five Shores Brewery

For the last two weekends the village authorities have had to call off Saturday night’s fireworks because of safety concerns when they faced blizzard-like conditions and thin ice. Mother Nature seems to offer these seeming disappointments during Beulah's annual Winterfest in February. The happy faces that I saw this past Saturday night defied this breaking news and Five Shores delivered the perfect venue for such festive merriment.

My thinking is they should have a flag out front the rest of the year that states: Fireworks Cancelled, Come In.

Let’s help Matt and Oliver keep the good times rolling with, or without, fireworks.


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