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Frankfort Lighthouses

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

IF YOU ARE READING THIS POST I’m confident it is because you found us through or Thank you. I hope you enjoy these sites and our story.

These links feature our real estate and property management businesses that are woven into the fabric of the region that is blessed with agritourism which is clearly the business cornerstone of the region today, but it wasn't always this way. Back in the 1800s, during the heyday of our westward expansion, harvested lumber was shipped throughout the Great Lakes. Lighthouses dotted the coasts to warn of danger and announce safe harbor for ships and their crews. Today the lighthouses are symbols of the past that remind us of the area’s once dominant maritime life.

One of our unique rental properties is Lake Bluff Preserve. The large-capacity property is located on dune bluffs between two of the favorite lighthouses in the region. 3.6 miles to the north is Point Betsie Lighthouse (winter photo) and 1.3 miles to the south is Frankfort’s Breakwater Lighthouse

These are two must-see attractions. I especially draw your attention to the preservation efforts to rehab the 110-year-old Frankfort Breakwater Lighthouse structure that needs some TLC.

All this is in our backyards near the M-22 highway corridor for us to enjoy and, hopefully, the restoration efforts of these lighthouses can gain our continuing support.

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