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Good Harbor Vineyards

IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE that the Simpson family has been growing and processing grapes for over forty years. They were pioneers evolving from cherry farming to grapes in the late 70s. Their tasting room and winery are right on M-22, just 2 miles south of M-204. It is a nicely appointed tasting room with a summer patio under a pergola surrounded by very tasteful gardens. It is a most welcoming setting.

I’ve come to really like their new logo and sign (pictured).

Nancy’s a fan of their Pinot Gris, so we loaded up with a half a case to whet our whistles for a few weeks in March.

Bruce Simpson was a neighbor for a few years when I lived on Overby Road in an old farmhouse in the 1990s. We met about growing grapes on my property and soon discovered that my treed and the very hilly property was not a leading candidate for producing grapes. I always appreciated his viticultural knowledge and honest assessment of my farm’s limited potential.

Bruce has passed but a hearty toast is in order as the family carries on his dreams.

Nice going!

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