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Ketch 22

WHAT A PLEASANT SURPRISE that came my way this past week during my drive along M-22 from Manistee to Frankfort.

Just past the parking lot at Arcadia Marsh’s new boardwalk is a food truck that falls into the category of what I’d call behemoth. It is named Ketch 22. It isn’t your run of the mill trailer on two wheels; it is a super high-end trailer with exhaust fans that look as if they could propel this monster into earth’s orbit. Its substantial appearance appealed to this cautious passerby. My girlfriend was hungry. That did it, we pulled in to the newly paved parking lot surrounded by pleasing gardens and flower pots. The employees that ran the operation were most courteous in their manners and in their attention to detail. Traditional eateries have really struggled these past few years in our neck of the woods so I have evolved to finally take in these new food trucks realizing they offer entrepreneurs a solid platform for food service to meet the growing demand to eat. My dear companion opted for a salad that had fresh fruit and local greens. It was declared, "delicious." I went with the 1/4 lb. burger that boasted local beef, tomatoes, and lettuce. We sat at one of the many patio tables and thoroughly enjoyed the food and the surroundings. It was a solid "A" experience, far exceeding our expectations. We observed other customers enjoying the fare as well. We left heading north on M-22 full and quite happy. Now, if they would add Lake Michigan fish to their menu, that would win my undying support. And next time, when I'm in less of a hurry, I will take in the marsh walk to round out our outing.

Welcome Ketch 22.

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