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Outside My Door

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

WHAT CONTINUES TO AMAZE ME is the beauty I see each day as I work around Lake Bluff Preserve.

The dunes support grasses and flowers that serve as pollinators to a vast array of annual visitors. At this time of year, the Yellow Swallow-tail butterfly is one of those stars in the universe. I watched one floating among the flowers that have begun to appear everywhere in sweeps of yellow and orange.

They surely are a gift for all the universe.

The Swallow-tail seemed to take in the sunshine and wind, as if his wings were designed for this open space that rests 300’ above the waters of Lake Michigan. I paused for just a minute in my work to take him in and thought how can anything be this magnificent? 

What a great feeling.

I discovered that he lasts but two weeks in this winged state, and then dies.

Come see this magic on your walks along the M22 Lakeshore Trail, knowing two weeks can be a lifetime for some of us.

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