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Updated: Dec 27, 2018

PINECROFT IS THE DEFINITION OF "UP NORTH." It is laid back, relaxed, and of a minimalist constitution.

The hilly terrain abounds with evergreens whose pitch produces that glorious woodsy fragrance associated with pine trees. The many wildflowers set the stage for butterflies and birds that hover happily in the wind as they work the flowers and grasses on the course.

From the perched hilltops, one can take in the magnificent views and if you’re fortunate, you will experience the wonder of a bedazzling sunset over Crystal Lake. These are the special memories of Pinecroft over the many seasons I've played it.

Don’t be totally mesmerized with the views because the challenge is there. Putts will be missed, and a seemingly short course offers a challenge that is no fluke. Pinecroft conveys that unmistakable sense that you are “finally up north,” as you kick back and enjoy a memorable round of golf.

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