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South Course Arcadia Bluffs

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

IT TOOK A LATE WINTER OUTING to remind me how nice the new clubhouse is at Arcadia Bluffs South Course. The entrance to the new compound is 2 miles south of the main entrance to Arcadia Bluffs along M-22. Our stopping in was to become a special afternoon treat.

The new dining room and bar are open this year (Weds thru Sunday) for those of us who would like to partake in a first class experience during the winter months. The warm welcome by clubhouse staff was greatly appreciated. The drinks made with Iron Fish's Maple Bourbon were to live for and adding tasty homemade soups to our fare delivered the perfect afternoon complement.

Earlier, we had been introduced to the Arcadia Marsh Nature Preserve just up the road. What a delightful half hour walk along the boardwalk. The open water offered pairs of magnificent trumpeter swans; and colorful signage told of the wetland wildlife and vegetation in the marsh. Let’s keep this quiet, but there are purported to be three species of trout in the stream at the end of the boardwalk.

The courses at Arcadia Bluff are world renown and to that I can attest. I continue to count my lucky stars that I live in this four-season paradise and can experience this magnificent lifestyle along M-22.

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