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Spring Fawns

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

WE WERE STANDING ON THE FRONT BALCONY of our Birch unit overlooking Lake Michigan chatting about our guest’s future wedding plans. To our delight, we noticed two baby fawns huddled together, trying to conceal themselves in the shrubs and grasses that dominate the upper dunes of Lake Bluff Preserve.

What a sight to behold.

It amazed us how small they appeared, barely able to remain upright on their wobbly legs. Mama was nowhere to be found.

Over the next fifteen minutes, while maintaining a nice distance, we observed these little creatures as they huddled together taking in their very new world. My first guess had them out of their mother’s womb less than a week, and it got me to do a web search to learn more about their circumstances.

The good news from the many articles, the mother more than likely was hidden in the woods and grasses nearby, ever watchful in between her nursing episodes. The fact is the little ones are left alone quite frequently using the spring green-up for cover. Most babies come in pairs and are usually of opposite sexes. The articles stated that the gestation over the winter months is about seven months and these little ones will begin weaning from their mother’s milk after a couple months and begin foraging on the various vegetation as they double in weight every few weeks.

My goodness, all this right at our doorstep along M-22.

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