Updated: Jun 5, 2020

THINGS ARE STARTING TO POP IN THE WOODS. In early May, I find many automobiles parked along M-115 and M-22 with no one in them. Are they abandoned? Hardly. These vehicles are telltale signs of a hopeful search for the fruiting body of the most favored of wild delicacies, the morel mushroom. Wildflowers and wild leeks are fun, but the real prize is a small handful of fresh morels.

Finding these fungi takes time, luck, warmer nights and rain.

Pull over, take off your close quarters Covid-19 mask and enjoy a walk in the woods seeking out nature’s bounty.

As a cook, I love the simplest of preparation with morels. A light sauté with butter and salt and a side of crusty bread is all I need.

This is today’s post and is a tribute to those delicious edibles that simply pop out of the ground.

Think about it. How good is that!

Good luck!

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