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Stormcloud Brewing Company

STORMCLOUD BREWING COMPANY established in 2013 has become a celebrated attraction in downtown Frankfort. Tourists and locals alike frequent the 303 Main Street craft pub making it a year-round mainstay of commerce, conversation, and ever-present suds. It truly is the harbor town’s cornerstone to hospitality.

The establishment does yeoman’s duty in brewing award-winning craft beers centered around Belgian ales. They have seasonal brews that are fun to try with their citrus flavors and varied hops, malts, and yeasts that are skillfully crafted producing their tasty artisan beers. They also offer a nice assortment of comfort foods that complement their many craft offerings. Just writing about them makes me want to head over.

The alehouse is absolutely a neat setting with a classic 12-stool hardwood bar with solid brass footrests where you can belly up to the bar and converse with bartenders that offer insights into the making of their beers, and then some.

A spacious dining room with sturdy seats and non-rocking tables accommodate up to sixty seated guests. Their outdoor patio is equipped with picnic tables and propane heaters that take the chill out of the nighttime air. Their bathrooms are spotless. If my mother were still with us, she would have raved about their cleanliness.

I must further compliment the Stormcloud crew with their A+ website that keeps the faithful in the know.

Thank you, Rick, and Brian, et al. from your Lake Bluff Preserve neighbor.


Bob & Nancy

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