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Water Wonderland

I WAS NEVER MUCH OF AN ACCOMPLISHED FISHERMAN. But the relaxation and joy that fishing brings me are simply undeniable.

Pursuing a freshwater fish using a night crawler or colorful lure secured on a monofilament line is an elixir for me. Even a nibble or a trembling bobber excites and entertains me for hours on end. Pursuing a fish is the magic tonic that causes me to repeatedly cast my rod trying to land an elusive fish.

I also point to the adrenaline that kicks in with the sound that comes when the drag actuates indicating a fish on the line. Gosh, that magical sound sure stimulates me -- much like Pavlov’s dog salivating when conditioned to the sound of its dinner bell.

Our M-22 region has wonderful rivers and streams and an abundance of crystal-clear inland lakes that eventually make their way to the vast waters of Lake Michigan. They are all around and they all have fish, and some offer hidden spots to greet the lone wolf among us that simply wants to cast a line and enjoy the solitude of Michigan's great out-of-doors.

Resources that can help bring this joy into the here and now:

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